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Annice Lui is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield. She has been actively involved in the Communications Team of the Network including designing promotional materials for the Network’s events and monitoring the growth of the Network’s social media presence.

1. What did you choose to study planning?

I studied Biology, Geography and Economics as my HKDSE electives at high school. I developed a passion for sustainability and property development.I am especially curious about how planners improve people’s living standards and protect natural biodiversity concurrently and whether it is possible for planners to help clients to achieve profit maximisation through developing a sustainable plan. Although these questions might not be realistic, they are worth thinking about. Through my degree and my future career as an urban planner, I hope I will be able to answer these questions and contribute to creating innovative and sustainable cities.

2. What current initiative in planning excites you the most?

I am very interested in Smart Cities and Healthy Cities. The Smart Cities concept is broadly used to different planning disciplines to address urban problems.The Healthy Cities concept has drawn an increasing attention,as lots of people are now aware of the relationship between their health and provision of infrastructures, for example, how increasing green and public spaces can improve people’s mental health, how a walkable and cycle-friendly neighbourhood can promote residents to do exercises etc. Various innovations have already shown that integrating Smart Cities and Healthy Cities is able to improve people’s living standards and public health. My wish is to contribute to more innovative inventions combining the two concepts in the future. 

3. How does the BAME Planners Network benefit you?

As a student member of the Network,  I get a deeper understanding of the planning sector in real life as practitioners  on the Network span across both the public and private sectors and are generous enough to share their experiences. This has enormously helped me to prepare for my future career.

Events such as the Annual Town Hall meeting and mentoring programme have offered me the opportunities to communicate and collaborate with other working members , which has  bridged the gap between students and practitioners in the planning industry, and improved my networking skills. 

I would strongly recommend my fellow students to volunteer for the Network, as you will gain and strengthen your soft skills through organising different events and social media campaigns.

Annice Lui

Meet the Members Series

Annice Lui


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