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Celebrating East and South East Heritage Month

East and South East Asian (ESEA) Heritage Month is an annual celebration held during September to highlight the histories, achievements, and unique identities of East and South East Asian communities.

To celebrate, we have interviewed 5 members with East and Southeast Asian heritage. They have different backgrounds and work in different sectors of the planning industry at different stages of their career.

To foster cross-cultural understanding and learning, they share the differences between the UK's planning system and that of an East or Southeast Asian country they have lived in or worked on, and reflect on how their ESEA heritage has shaped their planning approaches or practices.

They also share why they think it is beneficial for the planning profession to embrace ESEA heritage and planners with ESEA heritage.

Lastly, they share one of their favourite places that reflects ESEA heritage in the UK, and their advice to prospective planners.

The interviews are available here:



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